Training : Stock Markets for Retail Investors in India


Explore Investing and Trading Opportunities in the Share Market

Learn the art and science of investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds and even trade in the derivatives with the help of easy tutorials and online training sessions.

The use of internet has made it possible for us to gain access to resources easily. Online sessions by experienced instructors provide an opportunity to learn at your own pace and convenience. The classroom sessions, on the other hand, have unique environment conducive to learning. You can choose one of the formats based on your comfort level. We offer following three different training format.

Online – Instructor Led Online – Recorded  Offline – Classroom 
Live and interactive sessions either in a group or one2one mode. These sessions are suitable for learning intermediate to advanced topics as well as for financial planning, investment advice and similar services.


These are pre-recorded and detailed videos covering one small topic at a time. These are useful for busy working professionals who would like to optimize their time through self-paced learning. Recommended for the basic to intermediate courses In person and interactive sessions for those in Bangalore, Pune presently. These sessions are available on weekends generally. Recommended for those who learn better in a physical classroom environment.


Training Levels 
Our training are organized in three levels.
Beginner:Come and discover the investing and trading avenues in the stock market.
Intermediate:Explore the not so obvious products and ways to participate in stock market
Advanced:Learn to plan, control, course correct and optimize returns on your investment.

Beginner Intermediate  Advanced
In this series of sessions, we explain the market structure, regulators, products/instruments that can be traded by individuals, order types like stop-loss and maket orders. We will also show you how to use your favorite trading platform and provide an overview of fixed income investments like debentures and bonds. These sessions are designed to take you through the derivative instruments like options, futures and devloping your own strategies for a given market outlook. We deep dive into understanding the mutual funds from regular equity based, index based to ETF and more. Essentially, you learn to navigate through the complex world of stock market. Going beyond the understanding of investments and trades, you will learn to diversify portfolio, make investing/trading decisions based on technical and fundamental analysis, plan your taxes and so on.

Catalog of available video tutorials is available here


1. Salaried/Working professionals
2. Students
3. Anyone appearing for NCFM/NISM or similar certification or higher studies in Finance
4. Corporate looking to impart domain knowledge training to their employees
5. Home-Makers
6. Stock market investors & traders
7. Employees of brokerage houses
8. HNIs /Wealth Management customers of banks

1. Bachelor’s degree or students in the final year of their degree course
2. Communicative English
3. Basic Knowledge of MS Excel /OpenOffice Calc
4. Trading/Demat account