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Discover The Stock Market Trading: Tutorials, Sessions and Advice

Maybe your heard stories about stellar returns (or enormous losses :)) of your friends/colleagues earned through trading in the stock market.  Or a sweet talking personal banker you met the other day wanted you to invest in ULIP, ELSS or similar product.  Maybe your office colleague explained you the benefits of choosing a particular fund and asset allocation when filling up your NPS (pension) plan.

Probably,  you are curious about investing and/or trading in shares, mutual funds and other securities market products but confused about the lack of simple, clear and affordable training.  Fret Not!  We will help you – in more than one way, from educating, enabling and empowering you to make profitable investments and trades in the securities.

We have a few free video sessions to explain the basics – from market structure, regulations, opening a trading account, executing your trades to managing risks associated with investment in shares.

These sessions are designed to answer, among others, following questions.

  • Is stock market investing for individuals?
  • Why should individuals even think about investing in stock markets when there are alternatives like real estate and gold?
  • What does one need to know to invest in stock markets?
  • Are there securities market products for my investing needs?
  • What are the tax implications of investing on stocks/shares? Does the tax department reward investors for investing in stock?
  • Should investments, or part of the investments, be liquid and divisible? Can stock markets provide such options?
  • What is diversification and why is it important when it comes to investing?
  • What are structured products? Are these for me?
  • Financial planning for various goals?
  • Which mutual funds to invest? What are various mutual fund types?
Be curious. Discover.   


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