Mutual Funds Explained


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You have understood the basics of investing, trading and understood the reasons for investing in securities markets. Ease of transaction using screen based/internet based trading, the liquidity and divisibility of stock market investments are all appealing. You have developed an interest and want to learn more – especially about “managed” investing like Mutual Funds  or  develop your own strategies for “any” market conditions using options.

Well, we can certainly help you in pursuing your interest. In this series of sessions you will learn in depth about Mutual Funds – types/classifications of mutual funds, the tax treatment, dividends, ELSS and more. Further we will delve deeper and into using the option strategies like a professional and become familiar with various risk management and hedging strategies.

We have a few free video sessions to explain the basics – from characteristics of options and getting started.  The more advanced topics are available as part of paid courses.

These sessions are designed to answer, among others, following questions.

  • What are the various types of Mutual Funds? What’s entry and Exist load?
  • Do we have equivalent funds that emulate the bank fixed deposit returns or returns on gold?
  • What is a goal based investment and how to do it?
  • How to select mutual funds for investment? What are management changes?
  • Which option strategy to use give a particular type of market view?

Explore. Unlock Possibilities.

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