Trade Volatile Stock Market


Trade to Profit using Option Strategies through Tutorials & Training Sessions

Take the big leap now – pursue your interest to the next level. Make it a passion.

Even if it is not a passion, it is life skill – managing personal finances, creating meaningful investments, planning for retirement or life’s goals such a higher education of children or marriage. It can also be a source of additional income by becoming a financial advisor or consultant.

The sessions in this section cover some of the advanced topics such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, structured products, financial mathematics, portfolio investment and more.  These courses are address the needs of students of finance (investment banking) as well as professional traders, wealth management professionals and financial advisors.  Depending on your preference and availability of time, you may take one or more of these courses.

We will cover following topics in the related sessions

  • Mathematics for finance – calculating annuity, present and future values of a series of cash flows, calculating EMI of various types of loans, as well as using MS Excel for various financial calculations.
    • Analyzing structured products – FMP, ULIPs, Capital protection investment plans, return of premium life insurance policies and similar
    • Optimal Asset allocation with an view of retirement planning
    • Understanding and selecting suitable endowment policies, pension plans, life insurance plans, child education plans, etc
    • Learn to file your own income taxes – including income/loss from profession. That’s right, trading in derivatives is considered as business or profession
    • Technical analysis – it is a vast topic and takes a good amount of time to understand various patterns and charts to arrive at a trading decision
    • Fundamental analysis – we look at key attributes and company performance from their audited results


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